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The future of finance

The future of finance is digital. Algorithms will coordinate banking, insurance and investments. It’s time for new business models. Technology changes banks and insurers. Artificial intelligence pays claims and improves the digital customer experience. We also use technology to keep hackers at bay. We need new thinkers and doers. Led by visionary leaders, they will form the backbone of the financial organisations of the future. Are you ready?


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Digital banking

In the future, we’ll use digital platforms for borrowing and saving money. Chatbots and AI will ask questions, find the right answers, and draw conclusions. Our digital financial advisor will always be close by, advising us on how to organise our financial life. Will we still trust our current financials or switch to the likes of Google, Amazon, or Apple?

Digital investing

The wealth management industry is increasingly embracing digitalisation, with robo-advisors and AI-based investing being the most important developments. Robo-investments require little to no human intervention, with services ranging from automatic rebalancing and tax optimisation to long-term investment planning. And wealth managers are already using technology to personalise investor experiences and increase their chances of success.

Digitaal insurance

What if you could get insured in 90 seconds? Or have a claim approved by algorithms in three minutes? Digital insurance is getting smarter and impressively efficient. Sensors will soon track our bodies, vehicles, and homes to spot risk factors. Drones will inspect buildings for defects, and data analytics tools will check paperwork to uncover fraudulent claims.

The future of payments

In the future, we will pay with a swipe or a smile. In the background, business systems will automatically carry out all kinds of processes. We will also be able to pay with our self-driving cars or personal wearables. Smart contracts will be finalised as soon as a job is marked ‘complete’ on the blockchain.

New Business models for the digital age

Open banking policies force banks to provide third parties with access to our financial data, enabling startups to develop money-saving apps. Digital platforms also enable you to lend money to others. Welcome to the age of banking-as-a-service! Personalisation will be taken to a whole new level. In the future, the financial needs of customers will be identified and predicted.

Cyber security & resilience

Banks are the perfect targets for hackers. Stealing biometric data or login details enables criminals to siphon away millions of dollars. But financials are getting increasingly high-tech as well, using smart algorithms to protect our accounts. However, as more and more IoT devices go online, criminals have more points to attack. And quantum computing could make traditional encryption methods useless.


In many ways, people are no longer separate from technology. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on the moral side of technological developments, consider the implications for the world of tomorrow, and ensure we take important ethical considerations into account. We need to determine our boundaries and voice our opinions about how people and machines should work together.

New skills & roles

In the future, employees in finance will need to become digital natives and learn to use tech to their advantage. They’ll need to be able to assist customers in person, as well as remotely. As banks, startups, and tech companies scramble for customers, the finance industry needs to diversify its workforce, hiring thousands of software developers, cyber-security experts, and engineers.

The future of leadership

The future of work requires a new type of manager, who challenges the status quo and is willing to abandon entrenched ‘best practices’. There will be a move to flatter hierarchies as millennials are great team players and see traditional hierarchies as outdated. The managers of the future will offer employees opportunities to develop new skills and explore new positions.

The company of the future

The organisation of the future is hyper connected. It closely monitors new developments and collaborates with start-ups, scientists, and universities. It uses smart algorithms to analyse the world and employs a flexible workforce capable of rapidly developing new education concepts. The organisation of the future requires accessible, inspiring leaders who are not afraid to veer off the beaten track.
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This futurist has chips in his body

“You can’t really talk about the future without also being part of it”, says Richard van Hooijdonk. So he put his money where his mouth is. To date, he’s had several RFID chips injected into his body that perform various tasks for him. Van Hooijdonk is planning to have a number of additional chips implanted in 2020 and 2021.
You gave us all honest, inspired and entertaining insights. Your performance was highly appreciated by the conference participants and EU members.
Manfred Graf
Enthusiastic speaker, a good and versatile story. Everyone was ‘wowed’ by the lecture.
Maarten Buikhuisen
Your contribution was particularly dynamic and inspiring! The participants experienced recognition, awareness and certainly, a wake-up call. In short, an excellent contribution through a highly professional performance.
Jan Struijs
A dazzling journey through new technology. The enthusiasm and energy during his presentation, combined with the visuals, provided a successful kick- off to our event.
Patrick Steemers
An impressive and noteworthy presentation for our employees and customers. The rate at which change is happening - which you eloquently brought across in your energetic speech - requires a disruptive approach. To be continued!
Rob Pols
The symposium ‘Airpower in the Information Age’ was a great success. Nothing but positive feedback from the participants. In no small part thanks to your commitment and dedication, we were able to achieve this result.
Alexander Schnitger
Great keynote that really opened our eyes. Sparkling and energetic, from beginning to end. Thanks Richard, for showing us this different view of the fitness market and its future.
Arjan van Dijk
With your presentation you awakened the customs organisation. At the end of the day it turned out that your presentation had made the biggest impression. You made sure the issues were put on Strategic Management’s radar.
Alex Drost

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