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International keynote speaker, trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk offers inspiring lectures on how technology impacts the way we live, work and do business. Over 550,000 people have already attended his renowned inspiration sessions, in Europe as well as abroad. Van Hooijdonk is also a guest lecturer at different Universities.

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Of course our keynotes are also taking place online. For our local and international relations we use our own studio on a daily basis, but we also collaborate with external studios.

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General inspiration sessions for all industries

Inspiring lecture

Road to recovery

Onward and upward - to recovery, digital opportunities, and growth.

Inspiring lecture

Road to recovery

Onward and upward - to recovery, digital opportunities, and growth.
The economy has been hit hard by COVID-19. In order to survive and grow, sectors and companies need to rethink their business models. Companies that innovate will recover faster after a crisis or recession. This session provides inspiring insights into the steps that organisations and sectors can take to successfully emerge from this crisis – or even more successful than before. The session covers many topics, case studies, examples, and predictions. We can present this session in the format of a keynote lecture or master class.

Generic inspiration

General inspiration sessions for all industries

Inspiring lecture

Trends 2030

Inspiring lecture

Trends 2030
Tomorrow’s world is just around the corner, with robots performing repetitive and predictable tasks, and sensors and cameras representing the digital feelers of our world. Self-learning algorithms will intervene on time and offer the best solutions at astonishing speeds. But will we be safe? Will we not be outsmarted by cybercriminals? The acceleration of 'smartification' has begun. Are you prepared?

This futurist has chips in his body

"You can’t really talk about the future without also being part of it”, says Richard van Hooijdonk. So he put his money where his mouth is. To date, he’s had several RFID chips injected into his body that perform various tasks for him. Van Hooijdonk is planning to have a number of additional chips implanted in 2020 and 2021.

Free road to recovery E-books for 13 industries

We are very serious about the future. That’s why we’ve researched 13 sectors, worked out the challenges and – based on these findings – developed a series of inspiring e-books.

Industry inspiration

Inspiration sessions focused on specific industries.

Inspiring lecture

The future of healthcare

Inspiring lecture

The future of healthcare

Technological developments in healthcare are taking place at breakneck speed. Think telemedicine, wearables, brain implants that eliminate the effects of epilepsy and Alzheimer’s and bioprinters that print organs. In the future, we’ll swallow an electronic pill that keeps our health in check. Our personalised medication will be 3D-printed at home. Surgeries will be performed by robots, and we’ll even be able to ‘cut’ genetic diseases from our DNA. And best of all – that future is already here!

Topic Inspiration

Inspiration sessions focused on specific topics

Inspiring lecture

The future of work

Inspiring lecture

The future of work
Repetitive and simple tasks are steadily being taken over by automation. This means we also need to rethink our roles and develop new skills. How do we get the employee of the future on board and how do we change people and organisations? What will our jobs – and work in general – look like in the future? New work models are emerging and we’re increasingly moving towards quantified workplaces where our performance is meticulously measured and existing hierarchies are up for discussion. In the future, 21st-century skills will be indispensable, and we will slowly but surely transition from permanent employment contracts to the gig economy.

The future of crime and security

Technological progress can take us very far, but the threats that go with it are serious. Who would have thought that drones and 4D printers could be used for criminal purposes? Or that hacking hospitals and medical devices would become a business model for hackers? Or that someone may one day be able to print the successor to the coronavirus?

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Manfred Graf
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You gave us all honest, inspired and entertaining insights. Your performance was highly appreciated by the conference participants and EU members.
Maarten Buikhuisen
Read More
Enthusiastic speaker, a good and versatile story. Everyone was ‘wowed’ by the lecture.
Jan Struijs
Read More
Your contribution was particularly dynamic and inspiring! The participants experienced recognition, awareness and certainly, a wake-up call. In short, an excellent contribution through a highly professional performance.
Patrick Steemers
Read More
A dazzling journey through new technology. The enthusiasm and energy during his presentation, combined with the visuals, provided a successful kick- off to our event.
Rob Pols
Read More
An impressive and noteworthy presentation for our employees and customers. The rate at which change is happening - which you eloquently brought across in your energetic speech - requires a disruptive approach. To be continued!
Alexander Schnitger
Read More
The symposium ‘Airpower in the Information Age’ was a great success. Nothing but positive feedback from the participants. In no small part thanks to your commitment and dedication, we were able to achieve this result.
Arjan van Dijk
Arjan van DijkDIRECTOR
Read More
Great keynote that really opened our eyes. Sparkling and energetic, from beginning to end. Thanks Richard, for showing us this different view of the fitness market and its future.
Alex Drost
Read More
With your presentation you awakened the customs organisation. At the end of the day it turned out that your presentation had made the biggest impression. You made sure the issues were put on Strategic Management’s radar.

Free e-books for 13 industries

The world is changing rapidly, and this has a major impact on all sectors. That’s why we have developed compact e-books for no less than 13 sectors. We’ve listed and explained the latest trends as well as interesting statistics.

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