Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendwatcher, futurist, and international keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk takes you to an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work, and do business.

About us

As a futurist, keynote speaker, and trendwatcher, Richard van Hooijdonk is an authority on new technology.

He has several chip-implants, because he wants to physically experience the future. His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 600,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs.

With his international research team, he researches many trends in the fields of artificial intelligence & generative AI, robotics, drones, self-driving systems, 3D & 4D printing, sensors, blockchain, quantum computing, neurotech, biotech, platforms and augmented & virtual reality. Combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities, but also lead to challenges and threats for people, organisations, and governments.

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Inspiring keynote speaker

Since 2014, Richard has been a speaker at many prestigious institutions and organisations, such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Gartner, Interpol, the European Commission, PWC, Deloitte, Booking.com, Heineken, Unilever, Huawei, NIKE, and many more.

Furthermore, he is the CEO of future-focused intelligence agency, Trendforce.one

About us
About us


His passion is to inject a fresh new mindset that helps individuals and organisations understand, embrace, and explore the world of tomorrow. With a powerful mindset we determine our own health and success, but also happiness and a flourishing economy.


Through his online blog he shares his findings every week about the trends and developments of our time. To date, he has published 2,500 articles and more than 60 whitepapers, books, and e-books. One of them, ‘The World of Tomorrow’, became a bestseller.

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