Increased competition, demand for shorter construction times, and startling advances in tech are pushing construction companies to change. While 3D printing offers a solution to growing housing demands, robots and drones are taking care of dangerous tasks and proving to be a cheap and efficient alternative to human labour. AI-based platforms are providing paperless organisation for architectural designs. Using a decentralised database such as Blockchain, the construction process is more transparent and the risk of fraud is minimised.
Richard van Hooijdonk

Topspeaker, trendwatcher & futuristRichard van Hooijdonk

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The future of construction

Toenemende concurrentie en razendsnelle technologische vooruitgang dwingen bedrijven in de bouw nieuwe innovaties toe te passen: 3D-printing, automatisering en 21ste-eeuwse bouwmaterialen. De bouwsector staat aan de vooravond van een nieuw tijdperk. Is jouw bedrijf er klaar voor?