The metaverse:blurring the lines between our physical and virtual worlds

The metaverse will enable everyone to virtually socialise, do business, and do many other things we do in the real world. Users will be able to jump in and out of this parallel world, which will encompass an infinite number of virtual spaces and environments where anything is possible and that even offer real-world (economic) benefits.

The future of construction – 2022 and beyond

In the next few years, more and more construction companies around the world will turn to emerging technologies, which will result in a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable construction sector and forever change the way we design, build, and maintain buildings and infrastructure.

22 trends, technologies and innovations to look out for

We’re in the midst of a technological revolution and the trends, technologies, and innovations to look out for are all game-changers. They bring competitive advantages, increase the effectiveness of operations, make our daily lives more efficient, improve healthcare, and significantly change the landscape and beyond.