Inspiring lecture

The generative AI revolution

This keynote will give you a taste of the wild world of generative AI

Get set for the generative AI transformation and discover how ChatGPT and many other gen-AI tools are turning the world upside down. This technology is already having a major impact on jobs, organisations, and entire sectors. How do we deal with risk and ethical dilemmas, and how do we prepare our organisations for a completely different tomorrow?

This inspiring keynote offers many exciting examples, interesting predictions, and valuable tips on how we remain at the helm in a future dominated by generative AI. Are you ready for it?


This lecture will give you a taste of the wild world of generative AI.

Generative AI will blow your mind

It’s like a secret sauce for every aspect of our daily lives, from our morning routines to the way we conduct business. It juices up economies, revitalises workplaces, and even transforms our wellbeing. Some find it controversial, but get ready to see AI in a whole new light, with jaw-dropping examples, insights, and concepts you’ve never even dreamed of.

Powerhouse of possibilities

With generative AI, it’s as though we’re given super powers. Calling it a game-changer is putting it lightly. It’s an intelligent and creative workhorse that can do everything from comparing and enriching to interacting and guiding us towards a future we can scarcely even imagine. And the best is that it does all of this on demand. Imagine tomorrow’s AI-enhanced smart machines protecting us, having our backs, and helping businesses do their thing, while we humans use our unique talents to make our society better for everybody. That’s what generative AI can help us do.

Harnessing AI's creative potential

AI often feels like the smartest person in the room — whether it’s marketing, finance, design or even art. It's reshaping the boundaries of the possible and blowing minds all the time. And the rise of generative AI is even more mind blowing. In this keynote, you’ll witness some truly exceptional examples and outcomes of this new technology doing what it does. Who knows where this journey will take us?

Generative AI for industries

Generative AI is going to shake up entire industries. Let us take you on a journey through different sectors to see how this technology is triggering crazy innovations like you’ve never seen before. It's all about shifting the paradigm and welcoming this new development — so get ready to learn some mind-blowing examples of how others across various industries are using it.

The workforce reimagined

Generative AI is like a whirlwind coming for the job scene. Old roles might do a magic disappearing act or be reinvented, while alluring new job types are created. Which jobs are on thin ice and how do we handle this rollercoaster ride as organisations? Not to mention — what does all this mean for education? Are you buckled up for the gen-AI jobs coming your way in the next few years?

AI shaking the economy

AI has already begun to seriously shake things up in the global economy. Now imagine how generative AI will take this one step further, giving the economy of tomorrow an enormous boost. With new developments in AI emerging all the time at lightning speed, even the political arena can't keep up. What plan should organisations and governments come up with to get to grips with these AI developments and stay firmly in the driver’s seat?

Ethical and safety

It’s not all rosy, however. In this keynote, we're also going to dig into the challenges that emerge from rapidly-advancing AI. What are the biggest areas of concern? How do you do ‘the right thing’ in uncharted territory? We’ll be delving into safety nets, reexamining the rule book, and learning what it means to keep generative AI in check. With the right approach, we can ensure AI works for us, not against us, and avoid major landmines.

Generative AI's autonomous future

The future of AI is promising and undeniably exciting. Think of it as a limitless box of solutions for all our biggest challenges — be it societal or personal. We're talking about AI superstars who can find answers at lightning speed. These machines have an extremely large source of knowledge to rely on, making them trusted advisors to people and organisations of all kinds.

How to prepare for Generative AI

AI is going to shake things up for all of us — nobody is sheltered from change. And since we humans are the ones who make up organisations, we need to know how to deal with all of these changes. What are the best ways to deploy generative AI to our advantage? How do we venture into this brave new world? How can management fire up their teams to embrace new thinking and fresh ideas? And what kinds of skills do we need to stay nimble while generative AI advances at breakneck speed?

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This futurist has chips in his body

“You can’t really talk about the future without also being part of it”, says Richard van Hooijdonk. So he put his money where his mouth is. To date, he’s had several RFID chips injected into his body that perform various tasks for him. Van Hooijdonk is planning to have a number of additional chips implanted in 2020 and 2021.
You gave us all honest, inspired and entertaining insights. Your performance was highly appreciated by the conference participants and EU members.
Manfred Graf
Enthusiastic speaker, a good and versatile story. Everyone was ‘wowed’ by the lecture.
Maarten Buikhuisen
Your contribution was particularly dynamic and inspiring! The participants experienced recognition, awareness and certainly, a wake-up call. In short, an excellent contribution through a highly professional performance.
Jan Struijs
A dazzling journey through new technology. The enthusiasm and energy during his presentation, combined with the visuals, provided a successful kick- off to our event.
Patrick Steemers
An impressive and noteworthy presentation for our employees and customers. The rate at which change is happening - which you eloquently brought across in your energetic speech - requires a disruptive approach. To be continued!
Rob Pols
The symposium ‘Airpower in the Information Age’ was a great success. Nothing but positive feedback from the participants. In no small part thanks to your commitment and dedication, we were able to achieve this result.
Alexander Schnitger
Great keynote that really opened our eyes. Sparkling and energetic, from beginning to end. Thanks Richard, for showing us this different view of the fitness market and its future.
Arjan van Dijk
With your presentation you awakened the customs organisation. At the end of the day it turned out that your presentation had made the biggest impression. You made sure the issues were put on Strategic Management’s radar.
Alex Drost

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